If you’re into DIY works or have to drive some screws, then, an electric screwdriver can help in taking the hard work out. They save your time on how to use a electric screwdriver properly and effort when you need to get a flat-pack furniture set up or anything that requires driving in plenty of screws. Electric screwdrivers link batteries, engines, and gears with a switch into a compact yet robust package.

Thus making itself an excellent device. If you need to drill many screws frequently, then, an electric screwdriver is necessary for you. But it’s a common question from people that how to use this device, especially from beginners. Because people new to this gadget often have a hard time on understanding how to use it.

Choose the Right Bit

As we use incorrect bit sometimes, it seems that working with an electric screwdriver is risky and harsh. So it is necessary to choose the exact bit for the specific power screwdriver. If you need mid-range wood screws, you can go for a PZ2, which is the most commonly used.

However, try to keep the bit at an angle of 45 degrees. And make sure that you are working with the right bit by seeing whether the bit stays on or not. Then, install the proper bit and tighten it properly.

Strongly Fitted Bit

You should check whether the electric screwdriver bit is properly tightened before using it. There’s chance that the bit might slip if you don’t fit it properly. It can be risky and make the work less efficient. You already know that in drilling tasks, you have to put a lot of pressure on the screwdriver’s head.

So if the bit is not well fit on the head, it can slip and come out. Always check to ensure the bit is well fit on the head of the screw. And use a magnetic holder for the screwdriver bits.

Make a Small Hole First

While doing woodwork’s, it would be a good idea to create a pilot hole first before drilling into it. Pilot holes assure that you are operating properly and straightly. Screws tend to get with the grain of the wood usually and pilot holes help prevent the screw from that and keep it in the correct position. Moreover, pilot holes help prevent the wood getting split while you drive the screw inside.

If you happen to work with soft wood, then, use an awl to punch a hole to get a small or pilot hole and in case of hardwood drill, use any tool you wish. Another option of keeping the drill straight is to holt the screw sides gently to keep it in the right place until it begins to drill into the wood. It will prevent the screw from slipping off the screw driver.

Start the Electric Screwdriver

Basically there’s a speed range switch in most power drills, so set it up to the preferred speed first. You’ll also see a onward and a backward switch there. If you want to fit a new screw, first keep it facing the forward setting. And if you need to get the screw out of your screwdriver, then, keep it in the backwards position. Now push that trigger switch and it will begin to install the bolt. Keep it driving till the screw does not completely set in your required position.

Clean and Store

After you use your electric screwdriver, clean it well and keep it in a specific toolbox. Nonetheless, if you do not correctly use your power screwdriver, it is not going to give you the maximum possible performance.


In this article I discussed on how to use a electric screwdriver properly. While you’re using any of the power tools, it is vital to keep in mind about its safety. You can put on hand gloves and eye glasses when you use the power tools. Keep practicing. Stay secure and use your power drill like a pro!