How To Use An Air Impact Wrench

How To Use An Air Impact Wrench?

So, now that you have got yourself a pneumatic wrench, you want to use it. If you are a beginner and probably wondering how to use an air impact wrench, this article is for you.

Using an impact wrench is easy, and air impact wrenches are ever easier. However, you have to take care of certain things before and while using your wrench. Luckily, I have discussed them in simple steps for you.

Prepare for Work

First things come first. So, you begin with reading the user manual your wrench brought into your hands. Read through to acknowledge when to use how much air pressure and other relevant technical nick-nacks. You must know your machine in the first place.

Now, you take safety measures to ensure your own safety in work. Gears such as safety goggles, hand gloves, full sleeve thick dress code are the highly advised ones.

Take the Tools You Need

Now depending on your aspect of work, take all appropriate and necessary tools. For an instance, let’s say you are gonna loose or reassemble your car’s nuts and bolts. So, here’s what you need: (1) An Air Impact Wrench of course, (2) Air compression or source of pressured air power supply and (3) Torque Socket and important accessories.

Make sure to take the right socket as you plan to open or tighten things.

Get Set Go

After you attach the torque stick or deep socket to your impact wrench, it is time to add oil to your tool. Just a few drops to the air inlet does well – that is all it takes. Now, you are gonna attach the air supply hose to your wrench. Give it a little push, and it will sound a click to confirm the attachment.

Go to your compressor and turn the air on to your required psi for the job. Before you start to pull the lug nuts off, make certain your wrench is in the reverse position. Plus, you cannot use a torque socket for opening things lose. Use a deep socket instead, just fit it on the end, it goes like a regular socket. This is because you are taking the nuts off, right?

If you’re tightening them, forward position and torque sticks are okay. At this point, hold the wrench firm in your hand and set it on the nuts. Then, you press the trigger. See? Easy as shit.

Tip: Before you set your wrench to the first nut, make sure you have elevated the vehicle properly.

As you have got all the lug nuts off, you can do your overhauling stuff comfortably. But after you fix things up, you have to reinstall them anyway. So let’s sort that out too.

Here what you are gonna do is to thread them by hand. This is to get them started on the thread. Now that you have to tighten the lug nuts right, you will use torque sockets. And, you should always use the torque stick in combination with your impact wrench.

FYI, a torque stick ensures that you torque the lug nut to the specified foot-pounds. You will notice a number of different colors. Here each of the colors denotes a particular foot-pound amount. The higher the torque number shows on the body, the thicker the stem of the torque stick will be.

Anyways, insert the stick to your wrench and insert the impact socket on the end of it as well. Slide the controller to forward position as you are putting the lug nut on. Remember you threaded each nut by hand first? Well, this was to make sure, you do not cross thread.

Yeah, you can go on with the wrench now. Set it on the nuts and hit the trigger. Oh wait, after you have tightened all the nuts, I have a tip.

Double check all the torque with a manual torque wrench.

Even though there is a lot of force and torque going on, it’s not gonna pain your wrist. Because it all happens inside your impact wrench(not on your wrist). So, you can surely pull that trigger and go one handed. Forget all the pain and sorrows with you air impact wrench.


I tried to make it really short to know about how to use an air impact wrench. So you don’t get bored with the technical convo. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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