Sometimes, using a blunt or dull handsaw in the normal course of duty could be detrimental to the hand. The strain that the hand will face is too much. This feeling is not pleasant at all and the hand may end up having some blisters.

To avoid such problems, I would advise you to have your hand saw sharp always. A sharp hand saw will make your work easy.

In this article, I am going to highlight some of the ways which you can use to sharpen this item. You do not want to miss it. Please read on for more information.

What type of file should I use when sharpening my hand saw?

You may need more than one file when sharpening the teeth of the hand saw. A mill file will be used in sharpening the teeth along the straight section. The teeth at this point are in uniform height. A triangular file is needed to sharpen the edges.

You will need to exercise a lot of caution when sharpening the hand saw. Even if the saw is blunt, it is still sharp for your hand to handle. Avoid touching the teeth of the saw, unless it is very necessary.

Is there a cost involved when sharpening a hand saw? If yes, how much does it cost?

If you have your own sharpening equipment, then you can do it at no cost. For those people who prefer to hire the services of the sharpeners, a small fee will be involved. On average, it costs $15 to $20 to sharpen a hand saw.

This service is ideal for those saws which are new. You can also apply it to the saw which has become dull because it has not been in use for some time. It may cost you more if your saw has damaged or even uneven teeth.

What is the importance of sharpening the hand saw?

There are definitely good aspects of using a sharp saw. Key among them is that:

  • It makes the work easier. A sharp saw will cut through items quickly.
  • It eases the force needed when using the saw. When your saw is sharp, you will not need to use a lot of force to cut through objects.
  • It keeps you fresh all the time. Since you will enjoy using it when sharp, you will always feel energized and ready to continue with your work.

How often should I sharpen my saw?

Well, this depends on how you use it. If you use it on a regular basis, then the chances of it getting dull are high. You should, therefore, sharpen it on a regular basis as well.

If, for example, you use it once in a while, then the saw will not get blunt easily. It will then take time apart before sharpening it. The main determinant of the frequency of sharpening depends majorly on how you use it. It is very important to sharpen it whenever it gets dull.

How do I sharpen my hand saw?

When you want to sharpen a saw, there are things which you must have. They are:

  • A jointer with a mill file.
  • Triangular file.
  • Saw vise and,
  • A saw set.

The procedure : How to Sharpen a Hand Saw?

This exercise follows a three-step procedure.

» Secure the saw tightly.

Here, you will need to clamp the saw tightly by the use of vice, but leaving its blades face upwards. Make the teeth as low as possible so as to avoid unnecessary vibrations when sharpening. The saw should be very stable when filing.

» Level off the teeth.

You will need to apply light pressure when leveling the teeth. Run the fill file across the top part of the teeth of the saw. Work on both sides of the teeth until they stand straight.

» Sharpen the saw.

By use of a file, you will need to run it along on both sides of the teeth. Be careful when sharpening because the teeth might hurt or cut your hands. Every time you run the file, just use two strokes until it becomes sharp.

The two strokes are to ensure that each side gets a fair service. If you sharpen one side more than the other, then chances of it not getting well-sharpened will be very low.

You are always advised to keep the file level when sharpening the saw. The file should also be level with the saw blade.

What happens if any of the teeth have not been leveled on the top?

You will need to file the back of the teeth while having the side pointed towards the handle. Continue with the process until all the teeth come to a level point. Never leave a saw having the teeth at different levels.

How do you keep the saw sharp, and for long?

There are several ways which you can follow to help keep the saw sharp always. These includes:

  • Lubricate the blade. After using it and before storage, lubricate it using the recommended oil type.
  • Keep it always dry. If you keep it in a moist environment, then it will get rust. Rust will damage the teeth hence making the saw blunt. Make sure that the toolbox which you keep your tools in is dry, and that it is also stored in a dry place.
  • Sharpen the saw on a regular basis. It is the act of sharpening that will help to keep it sharp always.
  • Oil the handle. This will help in giving you a steady grip when using the saw. It will also ensure that you are not using a lot of force when working with the saw.
  • If the blade has rust, remove it with a razor blade. The razor does not harm the blades of the saw. This will help in preserving the sharpness of the hand saw.
  • Use it on designated items.


With the frequent use of the saw, it will always end up being dull. It is upon you to sharpen whenever it is not sharp. Remember to adhere to the procedure explained in this article when sharpening it.

There are ways with which you can keep it sharp for long. All the methods of how to keep it sharp have been enumerated in the article. Observe a lot of care when sharpening the blade.