How to Seal Grout on Tile Floor

How to Seal Grout on Tile Floor | Easy 6 Steps

Normally, when making a structure, you will realize that there are gaps left behind. These small gaps need to be filled off using grout. If they are left open, chances are high that it will destroy the whole building over some time. These gaps generally arise when making some fittings to the house. Such fittings include things such as water pipes and tiles. To seal the gap using grout has a process that must be adhered to.

So how to seal tile grout? What is the rule of the game? What are some of the things needed in order to accomplish the mission? Is it a difficult thing to do? For this and more information, go through this informative article. It has everything that you need when doing the task.

What is grout composed of?

Grout is composed of normal things that are used in construction. To make some, you will need to mix water, sand, and cement. Remember that grout is in fluid form, so you won’t need to make a thick mixture, rather a somehow viscous mixture.

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What are the common uses of grout?

It has several uses. Some of these use areas listed below:

  • Connecting sections.
  • Filling and sealing gaps left by tiles.
  • Doing some finishing touches when building a house amongst some few other uses.

How does one seal grout on a tile floor?

  1. Cleanliness is everything.

Grout sealing will not work well in a dirty or wet environment. It will be a bit difficult to make a strong bond. You can use water to wash off any debris but remember to let it dry completely before applying grout. Grout bonds excessively well in clean and dry places. After identifying all the gaps that need to be filled, sweep them clean.

how to seal grout on tile floor

  1. Make the grout/mixture.

Prepare the sealer following the commands indicated in the manual. Prepare the required amount in order to avoid wastages. Use the grout wand or grout sealer to make the mixture perfect. The wand is to be used too in applying the grout to the gap. It produces good work with a sense of professional touch.

At any given time, remember that the end product should be in a thick fluid form.

  1. Apply the mixture to the gaps on the tiles.

Double-check again to see whether the gaps you are going to seal are clean and dry. Take a grout wand and use it to apply the grout to the identified gaps in the tiles. Do not be quick when applying the sea0ler. Give it sufficient time to penetrate deeply. A time of between 5 to 20 minutes would be sufficient enough for it to penetrate well.

how to seal tile grout

  1. Make a mixture of a coat.

Grout is quite rough and may have some unpleasant feelings. It is often covered by the use of a soft coat. Prepare the coat in the same way as you had prepared the grout. After applying the coat, it also gives it sufficient time to penetrate to take effect. 10 to 20 minutes would work well too here.

  1. Wipe off any excess grout sealer and the coat.

It is quite common to have excess sealer after accomplishing the task. Take a dry and clean lint-free towel and wipe off excess sealer from the surface of the tiles. This is better done when the sealer is still wet. It may be a challenge to wipe it off when it has fully dried out. Do not leave even the slightest amount of sealer; it will otherwise make your tiles and floor, in general, to look unclean.

how to seal grout on tile floor

  1. Finally, leave the floor to cure.

Do not use, step or wet the floor that has been freshly grouted. It should be given sufficient time to cure instead. It may take up to three days for the curing to fully happen. This is however affected by weather conditions of a place. When the environment is quite moist, then curing can even take quite some time. In a warm area, curing can even take one day.

What happens if you do not seal the grout?

Failure to seal the grout has some repercussions. The grout will absorb water, bacteria and even stains. This will begin to loosen the tiles and even breed infections. Sealing it has some advantages including:

  • Enhancing the beauty of the floor and the tiles.
  • It prolongs the lifespan of the tile and its beautiful look. Maintains the texture of the floor too.
  • Prevents the floor from accumulating mildew and mold.
  • It stops the floor from wearing out fast.

how to seal tile grout

Is it a good idea to seal the grout?

Yes, it is and it is the best thing. As earlier specified, failure to seal the grout will lead to bad implications. The ideal time to do the sealing is when you do the construction or when cracks on the tiles appear. It can also be done when replacing the tiles.

Which one is done first? Sealing the grout or the tile?

In most cases, the tiles have to be sealed first. This will then leave the gaps (if any) for sealing. There are tiles that have pores which have to be sealed first. These pores can absorb the grout and hence destroy the entire thing altogether. Whichever component you begin with, give it sufficient time to cure before attaching the second one.

how to seal tile grout

How long does grout last before the next replacement?

This depends on many factors. If you had done a poor work during the first grouting, then definitely it won’t last long before you begin repairs. Should you have used a poor quality component to do the grouting, then chances are low that it will survive for long as well. A well-grouted floor should last for quite some time before wearing out. The coat helps in keeping away water which is the agent of destruction. Good care is a recommendation for a long-lasting floor.


Grouting is mandatory for any gaps left behind after fixing tiles. Failure in sealing the grout can cause you to lose the tiles or even the floor. Follow the above-recommended steps if you are to achieve a perfect work. Always provide sufficient time for the grout to cure. Keep water away from it. Finally, do not forget to apply for the protective coat.

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