Tiles, especially those which face a lot of pressure may end up breaking at some point. Heavy material such as furniture may cause them to break. Falling objects may cause some cracks too. This, therefore, calls for tiles removal and replacement. In some other cases, one may just want to replace the old tiles with modern ones.

The process of taking them off from a concrete floor might somewhat be a challenge. How then does one remove the tile from a concrete floor? This article is going to provide you will the information which you need to fulfill the task. Read on for more information.

how to remove tile from concrete

What is the procedure of removing a tile from a concrete floor? How to remove tile from concrete?


  • Safety first.

Removing a tile from a concrete floor is a process that requires a lot of caution and safety. Should it break down by mistake and with a great force, it may cause harm to nearby objects such as electronics. The human too is at risk of getting hurt. Therefore when dealing with such items, you need to make the area clear of any other object. Move away from all the electronics and other delicate items.

You are also advised to put on strong protective gear when removing tiles from the concrete floor. Tiles may fly around when being removed. This may cause serious injuries to the remover. To protect yourself, please put on the following gear:

  1.  Closed shoes. It helps in protecting the feet.
  2.  A strong apron. This covers the entire body.
  3.  Hand gloves. It helps in protecting the hand and fingers.
  4.  Nose mask to protect the nose including the air you are inhaling.
  5.  Clear goggles to cover the eyes against the tile.
  6.  Knee pads to cover your knee especially when you are kneeling down.

Finally, cover off the areas in which you do not want to get destroyed and dirty.

remove tile from concrete floor without breaking

  • Identify the tiles to remove.

If you intend to remove only a section of the tiles, which could be damaged, then mark them for ease of identification. If you are removing the entire set from the floor, then there is no need for marking. You just proceed to knock them out from the concrete floor.

When you have identified the tiles to remove, look for the loose spots in them. It is easier to remove the tile from that point. Where no such loose points are not found, you have to loosen one tile from the end. Alternatively, you can loosen one by hitting in the middle until it breaks. The best tool to use to break or remove the old tile is a chisel together with the mallet. There will always be a challenge in removing the first tile, but once you have taken off, the rest will be easy to remove.

  • Hit the tile hard.

This process is not mandatory but necessary when you find a tile is hard to break. Hitting it will cause it to either loosen or even crumble. While hitting, some loose chips might jerk out. Make sure that you are always in your safety gear. Sweep away the broken pieces so that you can be able to continue hitting off the remaining piece. By this time, even the most stubborn piece which is still holding on will have become loose. Try to remove it with the chisel and mallet while sweeping it off. Repeat the process as many times as there still last some tough tiles which are still held to the floor.


  • Sweep off the tile.

Sweep off all the removed tiles. Place the debris in a dustbin. This is purely for your own safety.

How to Remove Tile from Concrete Floor

  • Remove the adhesive.

This is the element that holds together the tile and the concrete. It lies in between the two items. An old adhesive will not hold together the tile and the floor together. Therefore it is necessary to remove it too. The tools to use to remove the adhesive are chisel and mallet.

  • Smoothen the floor.

Removing the two elements is likely to cause the floor to be uneven. In some cases, it may even leave some dents on the floor. These uneven surfaces have to be gotten rid of at all costs. A floor scraper will be of great service in this case.

Placing new tiles on an uneven floor will lead to implications such as:

  • Tile not holding firm to the floor.
  • Breakage of the tile even at the slightest of force.

To avoid such, therefore, one has to smoothen the floor.

remove tile from concrete floor without breaking


  • Clean the floor.

When removing both the tile and the adhesive glue, there is a lot of dust that is generated. This dust may be a great impediment to the placing of the new tiles on the floor. Such dust cannot be removed easily especially when you use conventional methods such as using a broom to sweep. You will, therefore, have to deploy a vacuum cleaner to remove off all the dust. Repeat the cleaning process until the floor become clean and all the dust and grout removed.

  • Make the floor level

Scraping the floor alone won’t make the floor level. Therefore, you will need to do more than that just to make it level. To achieve this, apply a thin-set mortar. Keep to the instructions as explained in the manual of this product. This is to have the correct mixture of the solution. Leave the mortar to settle and dry after applying.

What next after that?

After applying the thinner, there are two options that you can do. They are:

  1. Leave the floor as it is without a tile. This happens especially if you had removed all the tiles from the floor.
  2. Install a new set of tiles. This is when you are replacing a removed tile that is not all the tiles had been removed from the floor. It is also applicable when you were to replace the old tiles with the new ones entirely.

Where you are installing a new set, follow the existing guidelines. These are the guideline which you had used to lay down the first set which is being removed now.

How to Remove Tile from Concrete Floor

Is it possible to remove a tile from the concrete floor without breaking it?

Removing tiles which have a strong adhesive may have to be broken first. But if the adhesiveness is not so strong, the tile can be taken off easily without breaking. Breaking them when removing is something is unavoidable. If you can be able to slide the chisel under the tile and carefully cut off the adhesive, then it may become possible to remove the tile.

So yes it is possible but almost rare to remove a tile from the concrete floor without breaking. In any case, old but still intact tiles may not be of great value. This is because by deciding to remove them, then it means that you do not need them. Breaking down may, therefore, be unavoidable.


Removing a tile from a concrete floor may seem somewhat a difficult task. However, it is a workable process. With the correct protective gear and the required tools, you will be set to do the duty. To remove, first identify the broken tile. This is where the adhesive is loose. If none is broken, you can start by breaking one. You can also begin from the one lying at the end. Remove the adhesive too and finally smoothen the floor. You can then place a new set of tile or even leave it that way as per your liking.