How to Remove Grass with a Shovel

How to Remove Grass with a Shovel?

Well, the spring season is nearby, you want to clear your backyard. You would like to remove all the weeds, burnt grass, and bring the raw patches to use. Since the deck is not so big, you would also want to preserve the soil underneath.

So, by using a shovel, you can not only save the extra bit of soil layers but can also get rid of weeds and grass simultaneously. The problem now is how to remove the grass with a shovel?

Luckily, you have a simple solution. Just read this article for a comprehensive insight into the whole process. Here, we have all the necessary knowledge for you guys about a shovel and its grass cutting variety.

How to Remove Grass with a Shovel

What is a shovel?

A shovel is a gardening tool with many varieties. It is a multi-purpose device. You can use it for digging for cutting the grass, and it can be used any time to drive away the neighbors wild bull terrier away.

In order to cut the grass, some other power tools are electric lawn mower machines, sod cutter, a tiller, etc.

You can use herbicides to kill the grass, but it affects the nutritional power and fertility of the soil. The best and most straightforward is using a shovel.

Guides of how to remove grass with a shovel?

Step One: Prerequisite required:

You need a few basic things. You need to have a sharp grass cutting shovel. It should not be rusty or broken, as this will hamper the speed and quality of your work.

You should wear thick rubber gloves. This is because they will protect you against the prick of the thorns. Also, it gives a firm grip to pull away from the deep-rooted weeds.

You should preferably wear the knee guards as they protect you while kneeling on the damp soil. The last but not the least is a wheelbarrow. You do not want to waste this soil with grass.

You can reuse it as an organic fertilizer by burying it in a dugout along with your farmyard animals’ dungeon and wasted vegetables and fruits. They all make an excellent natural fertilizer for future use.

How to Remove Grass with a Shovel

Step Two: Fencing the marked area:

Mark the field, i.e., you should mark the part of the yard you want to work on. You can do this either by fencing the lawn with the help of four sticks at the four corners.

Later on, making a boundary with ribbon, etc. You can also achieve this objective by making the area with double rows of two inches broad marking tape.

This fencing is essential as it sets your target area. Once you have the target area, you can plan accordingly. After this, it is up to your will if you want to save this.

If you are interested, then dig a small hole at the unwanted back corner of the yard. This will be a good dumping idea that we will make use of at the end.

Step Three: Watering the grass:

As the grass and the weeds grown are usually dry and weary. So, it is a good idea to water the area. The water will not only make your grass soft but will also make the soil easy to dig out.

Leave it wet for an hour or so before you start your work. However, bear in mind that you do not water the place more than required.

The main objective is to make the soil soft and comfortable to dig. So, all you have to do is to make sure that you achieve your goal.

How to Remove Grass

Step Four: Divide and cut:

Divide the area into longitudinal strips. This area will make working easy. And once you are done with one area, you can even process for further plantation.

Now, after dividing, you are ready to remove the grass. Dig out the shovel under the grass you want to cut. Better would be to hold and pull out with one hand and let the shovel, on the other hand, do the rest of the job.

Once removed, you can keep a basket near you to put the cut grass with soil in it. Keep cutting and moving in this way when you confront the weeds.

The cutting has to be modified a bit. As plants are deep-rooted, and if these roots are not adequately removed, they can grow and take over the surroundings.

So, when you have to cut the weeds dig out deeper than roots. Keep cutting and putting in the bin basket.

Step Five: Collecting in a wheelbarrow:

As soon as your bin gets filled, put it in the wheelbarrow. Empty this barrow in the fertilizer hole you made. Hence nothing will be wasted. It is a beautiful sight to see the whole marked area done in a couple of hours or so.

How to Remove Grass with a Shovel

What next!

There are specific options that can help you. Firstly, if you want to use it for some sowing purpose, let the area dry for a day. If you wish to regrow grass, then you can do it the same day as the soil is ready.

Whatever you want to do, you have now successfully made the ground for yourself. You do not need to wait for a professional gardener to do it for you. You have done it yourself without any external help.


Mark the target area. Work it out with shovel after wetting it. Now you can save it for future use. You can use the cleaned area for further plantation. Enjoy the sight of your hard work!

But be careful while picking up the right shovel. Yes! The shovels may be either for digging or for cutting the grass. Both have different shapes and edges as the purposes are different.

So, it is crucial to make the right choice. Similarly, you may opt for the electric appliances available for the purpose.

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