Imagine a situation whereby you have printed or photocopied a lot of papers that have to be held together sequentially. Leaving the papers without attaching them is akin to losing your data. To avoid the mess, you got to staple them together. On the other hand, you may need to drive a small nail into a piece of wood or plastic. The tool to use for the same is a staple gun. When the gun has run out of staples or nails, you will be required to load more. So how do you do it? Read through the article for more information.

How does Stanley Staple Gun Work?

This till works by the action of a human being. By pulling the trigger using your hand, the nail or the staple is released at a high speed. The nail is ejected with a lot of force too. When shooting, ensure that the target is at a close range. It might not work so well when the target is quite far.

You have to arrange the target the way you would like it to be held by the staple. Then by the force of your fingers, pull the trigger. The staple is ejected by the force of the trigger directly to the target. When it hits, it penetrates the target forcefully, hence holding them together.

It has some sufficient space to store several staples which can be used for quite some time. Check on the amount of staple available before using it for the next assignment.

How to Load a Stanley Staple Gun


Stanley Staple Gun not working?

There are many instances when the gun might fail to perform. Among them is when it has run out of staple pins or staple nails. Other factors could be things like damages to the gun. The spring might also malfunction rendering the unit non-functional. If it fails to function due to a lack of pins, then you will need to load more. But if it fails due to other factors, then you will have to carry out repairs.

If the gun cannot be repaired, then you will need to replace the entire gun with a new one. Keep servicing the tool quite often to avoid it jamming. Run some health checks on a routine basis. This is useful in ensuring that the machine is in good condition all the time.

How to load Stanley staple gun?

There are different kinds of Stanley Staple Guns. In most cases, there are two ways to load depending on the model which you have. The methods which you can use to load are:

  1. Bottom loading and
  2. Rear loading.

Apart from that, there are different kinds of staple guns. Such are:

  1. Manual staple gun.
  2. Electric staple gun.

‡ Bottom loading.

As the name suggests, the staples are loaded to the gun from the bottom. This method is mostly used when loading an electric Stanley Staple Gun. Such a gun has been designed to have the staples loaded from the bottom.

What is the procedure of loading using this method?


  • Put off the power source.

Switch off the power source from the main source. Then unplug the cable of the gun from the socket. Do not attempt to load when it is connected to the power source. This is because it may cause electric shocks or even physical harm.

  • Lock the trigger.

If your gun has this feature, then you are advised to lock it first. The lock is usually found behind the trigger. If your gun does not have one, then you better be careful when loading it. This is because if you press the trigger by mistake, you may end up shooting yourself.

stanley staple gun not working

  • Press the magazine button to release it.

These buttons are usually located at the rear part of the gun. Using your fingers, press the buttons while pulling out the tray from the gun.

  • Load the staples.

When the magazine is out, take the staples in the upside-down direction and load it to the magazine. To avoid letting the gun drop the staples, you should hold it upside down when loading it. Fill the entire tray with staples for maximum use.

  • Put back the magazine.

Press the release buttons as you slide back the magazine into place. You will know that it is in its place when you hear it snapping or clicking. If it does not click, then the magazine was not inserted back properly. Pull it back and repeat till you hear it click. You will then have completed the process.

  • Test the gun.

Press the trigger to confirm if it can now shoot. It should be able to shoot the staple. Test it using the exact material which you will use for the project. Should it fail the test, and then change the staples before the actual exercise begins. It should be a rare phenomenon however for the pins to fail when shooting. This is because they should have been tested for quality purposes.

≠ Rear loading.

This method is mostly applicable where the gun you are loading is manual. The process is pretty much the same as that of the electric staple gun.

What is the procedure of this method?

  • Remove the rod.

In the rear part of the gun is a rod that needs to be ejected out. To remove it, you will need to push it in and out in quick succession. How you push the rod too is dependent on where the hook is placed. The hook is used to hold the magazine in place.

  • Load the magazine with staple pins.

As usual, the staples should be loaded the sharp part facing downwards. Put as many staples as you wish to depend on the amount of work which you have to do. Ensure you leave some little space when filling the staples. This is to allow it to shoot out the staples without complications. You do not need to have the gun upside down when filling because you are not loading it from below.

How to Load a Stanley Staple Gun

  • Put back the rod.

Once you have loaded, and then push back the rod until you hear it lock itself. If you do not hear it click, then pull it back again and reinsert. It might not be difficult to lock this type of gun as compared to the electric one. This is because the rod when fully inserted is supposed to lock itself.

  • Test the gun.

To make sure that the gun is working, you will need to test it against some target. You can shoot it on a pile of papers, a piece of wood or plastic. It is even better to test it using the exact material which you will use when doing the actual work. If the intention is to use it on woodwork, then test it on a piece of wood. Should it fail the test, then you may need to change the staples and try inserting some stronger pins. Some pins might not be strong enough to pierce some heave fabric. Confirm the type of staple which you will need before using it.


When the gun has run out of staples, it is common to replace it. There are two or more methods of doing the replacement. When doing this, always exercise a lot of care to avoid injuries. Whenever possible, lock the trigger to avoid accidental damages. You better be safe than sorry. Always store the gun in a safe place away from where it can be misused. Safety first.