How to Drain Gas from a Lawn Mower

How to Drain Gas from a Lawn Mower?

Gardening is a popular hobby these days. People tend to engage themselves in keeping beautiful lawns in their houses as it keeps them a sense of satisfaction.

When you grow flowers and plants right in your backyard, it is a source of happiness and bliss. However, you might find it difficult to take good care of your lawn tools too.

Especially, when it comes to keeping the lawn tidy and to have a smooth bed of grass throughout the year. For that matter, you need to be careful about the use of your lawn mower.

Yes! You have to keep the mower in good working condition. If it so happens that you switched on the lawn mower and it did not start up or there is some other issue.

You need to check the gas and its condition in the mower. Well! If all other things seem fine in the mower, it must be the gasoline which might have created the problem.

How to Drain Gas from a Lawn Mower

How to Drain Gas from a Lawn Mower?

Whatever it is, you do not need to fret. All you need to keep a check on the machine when you plan to pack it up for the next winters. Yes! Most of the gas-related issues arise when you leave the lawn mower packed up for a season or two, without removing the gas.

The gasoline over the period separates and then an additional layer of gasoline settles down on the bottom of the tank. This leads to blocking and clogging of the gas filters, which in turn, causes start up issues.

What NOT to do:

Well! It is important for you to understand that if you will add fresh gas to the already settled down layer of gasoline, this will not solve your problem.

In fact, this will further complicate the situation. The reason being, the old particles of the gasoline will be mixed up with the freshly added gas and hence, there will be a sort of contamination.

What To DO:

Now comes the actual thing you need to do if you want your lawn mower up and working like before. Yes! You will need to remove the gasoline from the tank of your lawn mower.

Now how to do it is another thing. Do not worry, you will get to know about it in detail. Just keep reading.

First, line up all the things, you would need to carry out the procedure, within your arm’s length. These would include:

  • Milk jugs
  • Shake Siphon
  • Bucket
  • Dust Tape
  • Garden hose

Once you have kept everything ready, now you will go through the following procedure:

Θ Setting up the Mower:

The first thing, you will do is to set up the lawn mower on a flat and plain surface. You may also choose to park it on the set of saw horse. This will allow you to have a clear view and access from underneath the mower.

Do not try to tip the machine over in any case, otherwise the fuel may run to the rest of the machinery and may damage it. Ideally, you should make use of the parking brakes of the mower so that it does not move at all.

Θ Disconnect the power:

The lawn mower mostly works on electricity. So, before you proceed further, you need to disconnect the power cable. Be very careful about it because it may cause some serious accident if you show even a little negligence here.

Θ Drain the gas through fuel line:

Here, you need to see the structure of your lawn mower. If your mower has a fuel pipe which starts from the gas tank and runs all the way to the carburettor, you will simply place a container under the tank and disconnect the fuel pipe. In this way, you will be able to collect the gas in the container.

Θ Drain the gas with the siphon:

Alternatively, in case, your lawn mower does not have this fuel line, you will use the gasoline siphon for the purpose of drainage. Yes! You will do it by putting one end (the clear one) of the siphon in to the jug while the other end goes inside your mower.

Now you will shake it up in all possible directions like upward, downward and even sideways. As you will shake it vigorously, the process of siphoning starts.

After a while, you will observe that the gasoline would start flowing smoothly from the mower in to your collecting container or jug. Keep repeating the process until you have completely drained all the gasoline.

Θ Cleaning up:

Now comes the next stage of cleaning up the tank of your lawn mower properly. Yes! Although you have made sure that you remove all the gasoline, there will be still some residues at the bottom of the tank. You can use some old cloth or washcloth for the purpose.

Θ Add fresh gasoline:

As you have emptied the tank, you will now add the fresh gasoline in to the tank. Since the gas is mostly sticky, there might still be some residue of the old gas.

When you will add the fresh gas, it will get mixed up with the residues. You can now drain this mixture to get the completely clean gasoline for your lawn mower.

Θ Final Touches:

Make sure that you have fully drained the old gas. Then you need to let the tank dry up for a while. Also, check if the air filters are not blocked before you put the fuel pipe back in its place.

In addition, you need to see if the oil reservoir is also full or not. Now you will start the mower and let it run idly for a few minutes so that the extra amounts of old gas are removed from the carburettor.

Θ Test Run:

Now you are up and going. Place your lawn mower off the flat surface and start it up on the ground. It may cause some initial sputtering but then it will perform well.


So here is how you can have your lawn mower back to work after you have removed the old gasoline and replaced it with the new supply of fresh gas.

If you will follow these steps, you will be saved a lot of time and money involved in hiring a professional. You can do it yourself at home in a much less time.

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