How to Cut Glass Mosaic Tile Sheets

How to Cut Glass Mosaic Tile Sheets?

Ever wondered why some homes have very beautifully glass-coated walls? How about the design and color? What about how they perfectly fit each other on the wall? Well, perhaps you understand or you have the idea that they are mosaic tiled glasses. They are used to decorate the walls in the homes. They can be placed in any interior wall of the house. The pop of color that they display is irresistible to any eye.

Having the mosaic glass tiles fitted on the walls requires skill and an art. Even more creative part is when cutting them. Cutting them to the required size needs some professionalism and experience. Luckily, it is not a complicated task. The work can be undertaken by any person who has a technical know-how and with experience. How then do we do the cutting? What are the tools used to cut the mosaic tile glass? Are there procedures followed when doing the cutting?

To understand all the nitty-gritty of this subject, follow through this insightful article. It will provide you will all the up to date information that you need to carry on with the above duty.

Is it possible to cut mosaic glass tiles? Can we actually cut the mosaic glass tile sheets?

With the advancement in technology, everything is almost a possibility now. However, you can choose either to cut some for yourself or to pick the already cut one from the shop. Should you choose to buy the already cut from off the shelve, you may have one challenge. You may end up having a space that needs to be filled. You will, therefore, resort to cutting the glass to smaller pieces to fit those small gaps. So in any way, you may not avoid cutting of the glass even if you buy them already cut from the shop.

how to cut glass mosaic tile sheets

How then do we cut the mosaic tiles glass sheet?

This majorly depends on the tool that you will use to cut the glass. Some of the tools to be used to cut include:

  1. A wet saw.
  2. The manual scoring wheel.
  3. A bar cutter.
  4. Wheeled mosaic nippers.

The above methods employ different steps to cut the glass mosaic tiles.

how to cut mosaic glass tile

Cutting the mosaic tiles by the use of a wet saw.

To use this method, you must have the following material with you.

  • A wet saw itself.
  • Piece of cloth.
  • A measuring instrument.
  • Rubber gloves and
  • Washable markers (to avoid sticking to the glass and damaging its beautiful effect).

how to cut glass mosaic tile

Steps to follow:

Ø Measure the size of the glass tiles and make marks along with the measurements

This can be done by the use of a tape measure or any form of measuring instrument. Make the marks on the glass by a use of the washable marker. This is to draw the guideline on the glass surface. The marks made by this marker can just be wiped out using the cloth after you are done with the cutting.

Ø Start the wet saw/turn it on.

You have to saturate the saw with water by pulling on the rubber gloves. When it is fully saturated, then turn it on and let it run for about 15 to 20 seconds before starting the cutting. This is meant to allow the water to flow freely over the saw blade in preparation for the fine cutting.

Ø Cut the glass following the markings.

At the marked points, align them with the saw blade. It is a very sharp blade hence requires one to be extremely careful. Cut along the lines that you drew with the marker. Push the glass slowly through the blade, keeping you a distance away from the blade. Glass is delicate too, so you must do the work carefully to avoid damaging them. Apply pressure consistently to the glass as you push it through the sharp blade. When you are done with the first one, feed the rest of the glasses using the same method.

After you are done with all the glasses, do not leave the saw running. Power it down. Using a piece of cloth, wipe away the remaining ink from the markers. Also, wipe away the small pieces that are produced due to the cuttings. These glass traces are quite small and very sharp. They can be very harmful to the human body. You are done with the process and are ready to fix the glasses to any wall surface.

how to cut glass mosaic tile

Cutting the mosaic glass tiles with wheeled mosaic nippers.

This method requires the following materials at hand:

  • The washable markers.
  • A measuring tape.
  • Spectacles for safety.
  • Wheeled mosaic nippers and a
  • A cloth.

Steps to follow:

The steps are pretty the same with the one of the wet saw, save for a few differences. However, the following are to be done:

  • Make the measurements on the glass and put the marks along the edges that you will cut through.

Depending on the size that you want to cut, use a measuring tape to come up with the desired sizes. By the use of a marker pen, draw straight guidelines along the measured edges. The ink should be washable so that it does not leave behind dirty traces after the work.

  • Put on the protective gear including the Spectacles and hand gloves.

This process might not be so friendly, hence you need to protect yourself well. Do not nip the glasses while other people are nearby. This is because the nipped glasses can be thrown off the nipper. It can cut, injure or even harm someone. Take the nippers in your hand just like the way you would do to pliers. Place the edge of the wheel along the marked surface with nippers firmly in hand. This is where you plan to cut. Remember that when cutting the glasses, they are thrown randomly along the house; hence you need to be well protected.

how to cut glass mosaic tile sheets

  • Cut the mosaic glass tile.

This requires some amount of force. Squeeze the nippers handle forcefully to cut through the mosaic tile. You must exercise a lot of caution so that you do not break the glasses while doing the cutting. Glasses are quite delicate in nature and they should be handled with care. Repeat the process until you are done with cutting all the glasses.

  • Wipe away the markings

Since you had used ink that can easily come off, you will need a piece of cloth to clean it. Do not leave any traces behind as it may give your otherwise beautiful glass to appear ugly. Also to wipe away are the small pieces of sharp glasses that are quite dangerous to the hand. You may need to dispose of off the piece of cloth safely when you are done.

As part of the safety measure, thoroughly clean the house well to get rid of the glasses that had been thrown away during the cutting.

There are many other methods of cutting mosaic glasses. They are not limited only to the two explained above. All in all, the method of cutting doesn’t matter, but the outcome matters.


Mosaic glass tile sheets give our room the best appearance. These glass sheets can be purchased off the shelf when already cut. They can also be cut to suit the desire of the user. There are several ways of cutting them, and can be done by anyone who knows how to cut mosaic glass tile sheets. Some care is needed for the safety of the person to cut and to prevent losses through glass breakages.

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