How to Cut a Tree Down with a Chainsaw

How to Cut a Tree Down with a Chainsaw | 9 Safety Tips

What are the options available to you when cutting down a tree? How is it done? Well, there are many ways of cutting down a tree, right from the traditional crude ways to the most recent advanced ones.

Environmental experts and many other right groups, however, are against cutting down trees, especially where no replacement is done.

The advancement in technology has enabled the production of many tree cutting tools. This article is going to dwell on the cutting of the trees by the use of a chain saw.

We are going to look at how it is done, the safety tips and any other information as may be required by the user. Please read through the article to find more information.

What is this chainsaw?

Also spelled as chain saw, and also known as a power saw in other parts of the world is a portable mechanical saw. It cuts down the trees using a set of teeth attached to it through a chain. The teeth are rotating with the chain around the guide bar.

How do you cut a tree down using a chain saw?

There are a few important steps to follow, as well as some safety precautions. You will need to do the following:

a) Get a chain saw which is up to the task and check on its health. It won’t be so useful if the chain saw goes off when in the middle of the assignment. Confirm the level of gasoline in its fuel tank. Check on the strength or otherwise of the teeth of the saw.

b) Switch the chain saw on and run it for a short time, to allow it to take oil its inner parts.

c) On the tree that you have earmarked for cutting, identify the direction where you want the tree to fall. The direction selected should be away from things such as:

  • Other trees that you do not intend to cut.
  • A residential area. Do not fall trees on top of the houses as it may cause fatalities.
  • Infrastructure such as roads. You should not cause a public nuisance by falling trees across roads, eventually blocking them.
  • Power lines and other means of communication lines.
  • Human beings, and from where they are doing their activities.

d) To guide you on the direction with which the tree should fall, you can use a rope and a tractor. Tie the rope at one end to the near top of the tree. Tie the other end to the tractor which should be in the direction where the tree should fall to. The rope should be long enough so that the falling tree does not reach the tractor.

e) Using the chain saw, make a cut to the tree trunk at an angle of about 60 degrees. Cut it into a quarter of a diameter deep. Stop the saw and pull it out. The part that you have cut should be on the reverse of where the tree should fall.

f) Now cut down below where you had cut at 60 degrees. The second cutting should be at 90 degrees. Proceed with the cutting until you notice that it is starting to fall down.

g) Notify the driver of the tractor to pull the rope. The tree would then safely fall in the right direction. Remove the chain saw from the tree when it starts to fall. This is to avoid it breaking just in case the tree does not fall down properly. Exercise care all the way from the start until when the tree is fully fallen down.

h) Switch off the chain saw, or proceed to make more cuttings on the fallen tree.

i) Always remember to replace a cut-down tree with one or even more tree seedlings. That is caring for the environment and securing the future for other generations.

How to Cut a Tree Down with a Chainsaw

Things not to do when cutting down a tree using a chain saw.

There are a few things that you should avoid when cutting down a tree using a chain saw. They include.

1. Always do not forget to put on protective gear. This is very important.

2. Avoid using a chain saw that has been written off. An old chain saw can cause great harm to the user just in case the saw breaks down. Cutting down a tree also needs a powerful tool, which may not be found in a retired chain saw.

3. Cutting down a tree is a humongous task that cannot be done by one person. So always do not work alone, get help from a friend.

4. Since you may require a ladder, do not lean it against a tree that you are going to cut. You may end up falling down with the tree and the effects may be worse.

5. Always ensure that the fuel tank of the chain saw is full before you begin the work. You won’t like it if you run out of gas when the saw is right deep into the tree.

6. Hold firm to the saw. Do not lose the grip in the course of the duty, as the saw might not stop.

7. Sharpen the teeth of the chain saw before you commence the work. Do not use a dull saw as it may give you irregular cuts. It may even fail to perform the duty correctly.

8. Do not cut many trees using one chain saw before checking on it. All the time, recheck the chain tension.

9. Do not cut the ground using the saw. It will make it go dull and even destroy some parts.

10. When done with cutting down the tree(s), do not leave tree stumps protruding. You will need to grind it to the ground by use of tree stump grinder or even tree stump remover. Protruding tree stumps can cause more hazards to the environment. Hence you need to remove them after work.


Cutting down trees by the use of a chain saw cutter is not a complicated undertaking. A proper procedure needs to be followed. Remember to always fall trees to where it is free of other things such as house and public amenities.

Do not forget as well to replace the cut trees. There are many things to avoid doing when cutting down trees. Familiarize yourself with them as you undertake the task. Finally, always remember to stay safe. Safety is paramount.

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