How to Build a Garage Workbench

How to Build a Garage Workbench | Easy Procedures

A garage workbench is supposed to make your work easy to do and to complete first. It could be either a table or a bench that is to be used by a mechanic, carpenter and so on to place items under WIP. How to build it is where the puzzle comes from?

It should be able to lessen your work burden when you use it. How then does one build a garage workbench?

I developed this article to provide you with all the important and technical know-how on how to go about it. Please read through it for more insightful information.

How to Build a Garage Workbench

Is it possible to build a workbench along a garage wall? Does it have any significance?

Yes. It is possible that you can build a workbench along the garage wall. If the space is available along the wall, then you can proceed and build one.

It is indeed a good idea to build it that way because the wall will partly provide some support. The wall will prevent objects from falling too.

In case you are dealing with objects that are in a circular form, the wall will stop them from tipping off. It is a good and an advisable idea to build this item along the wall.

To build it on your own or to hire?

If you have some technical skills, then you can be better off doing it by yourself. This will give you the chance to build it as per your desire and design. There are several DIY plans which you can access online and choose the best format for your garage.

If you cannot manage to build one on your own, you can always get someone to do it for you. I believe that the work is not complicated and you can do it with ease.

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How to build a garage workbench?

There are a few procedures to be followed when you are building this product. The process is not curved on a stone, hence it leaves some room for creativity.

In fact, I would say that the end justifies the means. How you intend the final work to look like will make justify how you will carry out the job. However, I am going to explain how it should be done using a standard procedure.

The procedure:

⇒ Which size do you want?

The size of your garage will play a big role in determining the size of the workbench that you will build. If it is small and congested, then definitely you will build a small one. The opposite is true unless you are building one outside the garage.

Get the dimensions by using a tape measure. Measure the desired length, height, and width. Remember to write these measurements down lest you forget.

It may force you to begin the process again, and it might be costly to do so. Get to know the exact size of the benchtop and the length of the legs. These are the main material which you will use to build the table.

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⇒ Get the material.

These include both the tabletop and the legs. You can build a workbench having more than one tops, the other one being the shelf. For a benchtop, you can choose any wood type so long as it can withstand pressure.

Some heavy fabric might be placed on it and it has to withstand without any problem. You can choose between butcher-block wooden benchtop which of course comes at a higher price.

Alternatively, you can stack many pieces of plywood to form a strong benchtop. You will appreciate the fact that there are several choices to make from when selecting a material for the benchtop. Your budget will determine what you will go for.

The most important of it all is that the workbench must be flat and sturdy when you have completed building it. Where necessary, cut the benchtop to size as per your measurements.

Proceed to cut the legs of the workbench. The best wood to cut the legs from is that of 4×4. Cut it into the desired sizes as per your like or the measurement. The workbench stands on four legs, hence you should ensure that you cut four of them with equal sizes.

These legs should be strong enough to support the workbench and the weight that will come from the material placed on it. The height of the legs will not include that of the benchtop, hence you must measure it keenly.

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⇒ Cut the leg braces and position them accordingly.

The braces have to be cut from a 2×4 wood. This wood type is slightly thinner than that of the legs. Take a good measurement of the brace as per your desire before cutting it.

When you are done with cutting the braces, then you should proceed to position them accordingly. Put down two 4×4 legs in a parallel setting.

The distance should be equal all through the laid down wood. Put one brace across from one leg to the other.

You will eventually have a structure that appears like an inverted “U”. Repeat the process on the other pair of legs. It is important to ensure that the legs are parallel as much as possible.

Do not bolt the brace and the legs if they are not in a parallel position. If you fail to observe this critical step, then your workbench will not stand upright. The workbench will not be stable as well.

⇒ Bolt the braces to the top of the legs.

Use a drill bit to make two holes on each end of the brace. The drilled holes should run from the brace through to the legs. This will be used to attach the two pieces of wood firmly.

The drilled holes should be a perfect diagonal and parallel to each other. This will help you fit the bolt with a lot of ease. Remember that the bolts cannot bend, hence it is important to make it straight from top to bottom.

Insert the bolts to the drilled holes beginning from the 2×4 to 4×4 wood. The bolts should be able to slide in through without any problem if you had done the drilling correctly.

Close them in place by introducing washers to the head of the bolts. Finish the work by tightening them using the nuts by using a wrench.

Twist the nuts by the use of fingers first until it holds, then you can tighten them using the pipe wrench. At the end of this assignment, the end of the bolts should stick out from the 4×4 leg wood.

Repeat the exact process on the other pair of legs and the brace.

Using the same procedure as above, bolt the bottom brace to the legs. There is no difference between this and when you were bolting the top.

The process should be simpler now since it is a third and a fourth repetition. At the end of the process, the bolts should also stick out from the 4×4 leg wood.

⇒ Prepare the top support system.

Take a 2×4 wood and measure it as per your desire. Cut out two pieces of wood which will be used to connect the two legs to each other.

Each support should have the same length as that of the benchtop. If the support becomes longer than the benchtop, then it is likely to cause some harm to the user.

⇒ Bolt the support into the legging.

Using the normal procedure, drill the holes through the support to the legs. The support should be placed on the outer part of the legs on both sides. You should be careful not to drill in the exact location where the brace bolt passes.

If they collide in the wood, then it is important that you change the drill location. This is because the bolt should be able to pass through to the leg and stick out of the 4×4 wood.

Repeat the same process for the second support.

⇒ Attach the workbench and the shelf.

It may not be necessary to have the shelf attached, but if you wish to have one, you can proceed to attach it.
Lay the benchtop on the support and drill them accordingly.

The holes should be drilled downwards and vertically through the support. Put in the bolts and secure the top. Tighten it using a wrench.

Repeat the same process for the shelf. It also needs to be tightened and secured lest if falls off. You should always consider bolting the benchtop from top to bottom unless you have a thick benchtop.

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⇒ Sand the bench.

Do the final finishing by sanding the workbench. Get strong sandpaper and use it to scrub the top until it becomes perfectly smooth. Apply paint and a thinner to make the workbench look fine and clean.

Remember to place the workbench in an even surface all the time. If you let it stand on irregular ground, it may end up breaking or weakening easily.


A workbench is intended to make our work easy. Every garage should have at least one. You can either buy a ready-made one or just build one for your garage.

It is a good option to build one since you will get what you want. Remember to follow the above procedures when building one.

It does not take a long time for one to complete the construction. If you have all the required material, then you will be able to finish in the shortest time possible. Give it a try.

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