There are several types of chainsaws. While others are made the best chainsaw for home use, others are meant for commercial purposes. Both do perform the same function, but the only difference between the two is the scale of use. A chain saw is good for making the environment neat and clean by cutting unwanted plants.

What then should you as a buyer consider before settling on one to buy? This article is the ultimate guide on all the matters that you need to know before buying the best 7 chainsaw for home use. Please read through it and you can comfortably rely on it to make any investment decision regarding a chainsaw.

Makita XCU03PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless...
  • Weight: 21.5 lbs
  • Power: Battery Powered
  • Dimensions: 10.63 x 22.24 x 10.59 in
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BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch (LCS1240)
  • Weight: 10.40 lbs
  • Power: Battery Powered
  • Dimensions: 28.56 x 8.81 x 9.63 in
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  • Weight: 12.20 lbs
  • Power: Battery Powered
  • Dimensions: 10.00 x 35.00 x 9.00 in
Greenworks 40V 12' Cordless Compact Chainsaw (Great For...
  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Power: Battery Powered
  • Dimensions: 26.40 x 8.10 x 11.00 in
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Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw, PR5020
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Power: Gas Powered
  • Dimensions: 12.00 x 16.00 x 11.80 in
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7 Best Chainsaw for Home Use Reviews in 2022

1. Black+Decker Cordless Chain Saw 40V.

BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch (LCS1240)

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This is an excellent chainsaw that is suitable for all pruning work. It is best suited for cutting fallen limbs and tree branches. The chain has sharp teeth that are well aligned, and that cuts down the branches easily. I do recommend that you try out this product and you will notice the difference as compared to others.

The saw offers a long runtime use as well as an extended life of performance. This is because it is fitted with a 40V lithium-ion battery that takes a long time to drain. The battery takes a long time to discharge, while at the same time, it takes a very short time to charge. On a single charge, this battery will be able to provide over sixty pieces of wood cut into the size of 4×4. It is, therefore, an efficient and economical chainsaw.

The saw has a 12-inch chain and a bar that automatically oil itself. It is also easy and quick to adjust the chain because of its toll-free tensioning mechanism.

The handles of this saw are soft and comfortable to hold throughout the exercise. It produces less vibration hence a lot of discomforts are not generated. The noise that emanates from this machine is suppressed as well.

  • It has a strong battery that takes a long time to discharge and a short time to charge, with extended lifetime use.

    The saw is durable because the chain oils itself automatically.

  • When the battery grows old, it will take a short time for it to discharge for every single use.

2. Makita Cordless Chainsaw XCU03PT1.

Makita XCU03PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless...

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This chainsaw is easy and convenient to operate and to maintain. It is not complicated for anyone to use. The chain adjusts automatically depending on the speed with which it is operating. This justifies the reason why it can be operated easily without a hassle. Its chain pitch is ⅜ inches, making it an ideal tool for home use.

The saw comes with four batteries that can be charged independently. You will never get an interruption when pruning because of a power outage or a drained battery. Every single battery can run the saw for an extended session, meaning that you will be able to complete your task on time. I would suggest that you try this chainsaw for your home use.

The saw is efficient and excellent in terms of saving the cost. This is because it comes with an inbuilt on and off mechanism. The switch has an automatic power-off system that shuts off the engine when it is left to idle for some time. This also makes the chainsaw safe for use, because it goes off when it is not in use.

It is durable and it can serve you for several years without writing it off. You can use it to prune branches and other plants in the compound.

  • It has four batteries for optimum use in the home.

    This chainsaw saves a lot in terms of cost because it goes off automatically when it becomes idle for long.

  • Battery voltage is slightly low. The battery produces 36V of power whenever it is being used. However, this power is still enough to do all the available work.

3. Dewalt Brushless Cordless Chainsaw DCCS670X1.

This is an ideal chainsaw for home use. Its main uses include cutting or pruning of tree branches, flowers, and stamps and so on. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep their compound clean and neat all the time.

It just weighs 12.2 pounds. This tool, therefore, is light and you can hold it comfortably throughout the activity time. It also has an ergonomic design meaning that it is appealing to the eyes.

This product is durable and it is excellent for self-care. Now and then, the chain oils itself automatically. The chain, therefore, remains lubricated under all circumstances. When the oil is used up in the cup, it can be refilled quickly without a lot on interruptions.

It is fitted with a chain brake that comes in handy for kickback protection. The chain is safe and it is not likely to jam at any moment. It is not easy for it to break also. This is because of the continuous oiling and kickback protection.

It comes with a 60V battery that takes a short time to charge and a long time to discharge. You might experience minimum interruptions when using this tool.

It is powerful and has a handle that is comfortable to hold all the time.

  • It performs automatic lubrication.

    The chain has a brake that offers kickback protection. It, therefore, lasts long.

  • The saw comes with a single battery. When you run out of power, you will have to wait for it to charge first before resuming your duties.

4. Husqvarna Rancher Gas Chainsaw 455.

Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

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It is a heavy-duty chainsaw that is ideal for homeowners who need such a high powered machine. This tool can be used to cut down mature trees apart from the normal pruning. It is a heavy-duty machine, hence it can perform heavier tasks without any problem.

The filters are easy to clean and replace. You will not experience a lot of downtimes when cleaning this machine.

The saw is powered by gas and hence it will assist you to complete your task at a fast speed. It does not take long to fill the gas tank unlike when you are charging a battery. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a limited time of tending to their compounds.

It has a chain tensioning system that allows you to make quick chain adjustments without interrupting your work. This tensioning is mounted on the side and it is simple to use.

It is safe to use this saw at any time. The bar cover keeps the chain covered. Its saw is sharp and it can cause serious damages even at the slightest touch. You are, therefore, protected at all times because of the bar.

It has an automatic chain oiler system that ensures that the chain is lubricated whenever it is in use.

  • The filters are easy to clean and replace.

    It is a heavy-duty chainsaw that can perform heavier duties in the compound.

  • The saw is powered by gas. This may turn out to be very expensive in the long run, as compared to a battery-powered chainsaw.

5. Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw 20262.

Greenworks 40V 12' Cordless Compact Chainsaw (Great For...

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It is a chainsaw that is durable and easy to use that delivers high-performance work. The saw has a steel chain and bar that is fitted with a chain tensioning system. This makes it easy to change the saw levers.

It has a 40V battery which when fully charged, will give you long hours of service. The battery takes a very short time to charge and it makes the saw to offer superior performance.

It has an automatic oiler that keeps the saw lubricated all the time. The quarter cup can be filled easily as well. This oil keeps the saw fresh all the time and it prevents it from snapping. The oil that is in the cup is clear, waiting to be used. This makes it visible and you can easily monitor the level and top it up when the level is quite low.

It has a ⅜ inch chain pitch that enables the saw to get the limbs trimmed and the branches cut down easily. All this is done with minimum or nil kickback. It does not, therefore, pose any danger to the user.

The handles of this machine are soft and comfortable to hold. You can use it comfortably throughout the exercise without hurting your hand.

  • It is durable and it is built for performance. You will be able to accomplish your task with a lot of ease.

    The battery can keep power for long.

  • The batteries are not cross-compatible. This means that you cannot interchange them with another one of a different brand. It may, therefore, derail your work in some cases.

6. Remington Gas-powered Chainsaw.

It is a durable chainsaw that will give you many years of service. You will be in control of your compound’s neatness at any moment with this saw. It is made to handle both smaller trees and branches. The saw is lightweight and very efficient in its work.

It is not difficult to start the engine of this saw. This is because it is designed with a Quickstart technology that offers smoother and easy to pull starts. Its engine can be started with a lot of ease by anyone, so long as they know how to operate this machine.

This chainsaw runs an automatic oiler system that keeps the saw lubricated all the time. The chain, therefore, is durable. It has a quarter cup that is easy to fill with oil whenever the level runs low. The oil should also be changed when it has overstayed in the machine.

It has a high output engine that is powerful enough to handle its work well. The engine capacity is 42cc and it produces a lot of power and minimum vibration. It is, therefore, a healthy machine to use, and I would recommend it to anyone to buy.

The maintenance costs of this chainsaw are minimum. It is also comfortable to use, as its handle is soft with a good grip.

  • It is fitted with a Quickstart technology for easier starts.

    The chainsaw is durable and suitable for use in cutting trees and pruning branches.

  • Its work can be easily limited when it is connected to a cord. This might not happen, however, because it is a gas-powered chainsaw.

7. Poulan Gas Chainsaw PR5020.

Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw, PR5020

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Take control of your lawn’s neatness with this user-friendly chainsaw. It is easy to start and to stop because the choke is user friendly as well. This saw is reliable when using it because the engine does not flood.

To start the engine, you do not have to use a lot of energy. The starter is durable because does not need a lot of effort to pull it. This will help to maximize usage throughout its useful life.

The chainsaw is also durable and lightweight. It will give you many years of invaluable service. The wear and tear associated with it are always at the low. I would recommend this product to anyone seeking to buy one.

It has a powerful engine that produces extra power even when it is not necessary. This is because t runs on OxyPower engine technology. The technology provides a lot of power to the engine while at the same reducing noise and gas emissions by up to 70%. It also minimizes fuel consumption. This makes it a very cost-effective machine that should be owned by all homeowners!

It has a handle that is soft for the hand to hold and it is very comfortable to use. The saw oils itself automatically hence making it durable and reliable over a while.

  • The engine is built with OxyPower technology that makes the chainsaw efficient.

    It has an engine that is easy to start and it does not need a lot of effort to start it.

  • The chainsaw is only powered by gas. There is no other power option in case you run out of gas.

Buying Guide: Things to Check Out Before Choosing The Best Chainsaw for Home Use

To buy or not to buy a chainsaw might not be a question here. If you intend to keep the area around your home clean, then I would urge you to consider buying one. However, you just do not go to the shop and pick a product and pay for it. You have to pick the best chainsaw that will serve you optimally.

So what are the features that you should look out for when you want to buy a chainsaw? I have enumerated them below for you to consider when you want to buy one.

⇒ The guide bar length.

A chainsaw with a long guide bar will cut down a tree by a single pass. The one with a short guide bar will cut it down in either two or more passes. You should, therefore, consider the size of the trees in your compound. This should be able to give you a rough idea of which type of the saw to buy.

Trees do grow and become huge after some time. I would advise you to buy a chainsaw with a long guide and be prepared for any eventuality. In my opinion, you should try to see the picture of the trees in your compound in another two or more years or more.

⇒ The power options.

There are three ways with which you can power a chainsaw. These are:

  • Gas.
  • Battery, and
  • Electricity.

Each method has its own merits and demerits.

What is your most preferred way of powering the machine? You should be able to choose appropriately before buying a chainsaw. A gas-powered chainsaw will give you a continuous service so long as its tank has gas. You can replenish it at any moment and continue with your work. There are, therefore, minimum interruptions when using this tool.

A battery-powered one is also ideal for home use. However, you will have to interrupt your work whenever it runs out of power. If you do not have a spare battery, then you will have to wait for it to charge fully before resuming your work. This will come with a lot of interruption and inconveniences especially when you have limited time.

An electric-powered chainsaw seems to be a good option, however, your electricity bills will be significantly higher. You will have to connect it to a cord all the time for it to work. This might not only be disturbing but cumbersome. In times when there is an electric interruption, your work will be cut off. This is because you will not be able to use a chainsaw without electricity.

⇒ Engine power.

This measures the relative strength of the engine of a chainsaw. The measurement of the engine power is dependent on the source of the power of the chain. A gas-powered engine is measured using cubic centimeters (cc). The higher cc means that the engine is more powerful but more weighty as well. That of an electric-powered chainsaw is measured in Amperes (Amperage) or Amps.

The higher the Amps, the more powerful the chainsaw is and vice versa. That of a battery-powered chainsaw is measured in Voltage or Volts (V). Higher volts means that the saw is powerful. So it is upon you are a homeowner to decide on the engine power depending on the above measurements.

⇒ The safety.

A chainsaw can be so dangerous depending on how it is used. You must exercise a lot of caution when using it for the first time. Those persons with experience, however, do not have a lot of problems when it comes to how to use it. Notwithstanding the case, you have to consider safety features when you want to buy one. Injuries caused by a chainsaw are so rampant and the number of injured persons is so high. All these emanate from how the machine is being used or lack of safety features.

Before you buy a chainsaw, get some education about it first. Do not just base your decision on price and power. There is more to that and you should be ready to be imparted with some knowledge before you start using it. Apart from that, you do not have a choice of whether to put on protective gear or not. For your safety, you should consider buying the following items:

  • Cut-resistant boots.
  • Hand gloves.
  • Hearing protection.
  • Safety glasses.
  • Head protection, and
  • Safety pants.

Any other protective gear would be to your advantage. Never compromise on your safety when dealing with such powerful machines.

⇒ Noise and vibration.

If you get exposed to these two components, it may harm your health in the long run. You should look for a chainsaw that produces less noise and that is fitted with an anti-vibration mechanism. High noise levels are harmful to the ears and this may lead to hearing impairments after long exposure.

⇒ How to care for the chainsaw?

Any machine should be well taken care of, otherwise, its useful life will diminish greatly. To take care of the saw means frequent servicing and oiling. Most of the modern chainsaws carry out automatic oiling on themselves. This offers great relief to the user because you will not need to worry much. The only intervention that you will need to provide is to refill the quarter cup with fresh oil.

You will need to change it frequently especially if the machine is in constant use. I would suggest that you change the oil at least once a month, or when it is no longer clear. When you want to buy a saw, look for one that is not complicated to service. You should be able to do it on your own without hiring the services of a mechanic.

⇒ Ease of adjusting the chain.

Oftentimes, you will need to adjust the chain while cutting the log. It needs a good amount of experience to do this. However, you should buy a chainsaw that does this automatically. This will help in eliminating the hard task of manually adjusting the saw. With the automatic adjustment, the saw will do that on its own when it finds it fit to do so. Your work is to start the engine and to do your work!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

What is the best chainsaw to buy?

Several chainsaws have been certified as good and efficient. Most of them have a lot of similarities but with some specific distinguishing features. This is what brings the differences between the many types of chainsaw. The term “best” might sound relative because everyone has what is best for him or her. I would, however, advise you to consider going for one of the following brands when looking for a chainsaw to buy:

  • Black+Decker Chainsaw LCS1240.
  • Husqvarna Rancher 455 Chainsaw.
  • Dewalt Brushless Chainsaw DCCS690M1.
  • Remington Electric Chainsaw RM1425.

The list is long but it is upon you to carry out thorough market research before settling on one to buy.

What is the best chainsaw for money?

The cost of a chainsaw is what many people consider before settling on one to buy. I would not advise you to take the price so much into consideration. Consider other qualitative features first. However, the best chainsaw for money today include the following:

  • Black+Decker Chainsaw LCS1240.
  • Husqvarna Rancher 455 Chainsaw.
  • Dewalt Brushless Chainsaw DCCS690M1.
  • Remington Electric Chainsaw RM1425.
  • GreenWorks Cordless Chainsaw 20362.

The above product offers both the best qualities and the best price in the market. I have to admit that it would be difficult for you to decide which one to buy. This is because of the indifference that you will be faced with. However, you should settle for the best always.

What protective gear does one require before operating a chainsaw?

This should be the first thing to consider before starting the engine of a chainsaw. You should take all the necessary steps to cover yourself. Wear protective gear right from the head to the legs. Do not attempt any operation if you are not covered.

How do I adjust the chain and the bar of my chainsaw?

The manual should fully guide you on this. Each manufacturer has programmed its chainsaw differently. It might, therefore, be difficult to point out exactly how to adjust the components. If anything is unclear, do not hesitate to refer to the manual or even the manufacturer’s website.


As a homeowner, you always have to maintain your compound. It should be neat and presentable. The first point to achieving that is by investing in a good chainsaw for your compound. This article has presented all that you should know before buying one.

I urge you to read it more than once so that you will be able to make a good decision. Read through the characteristics of each saw carefully and evaluate them one by one. Finally, choose a product that is optimum for you and your compound. Give your lawn that great look with a machine of your choice.

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