Everyone will get a flat tire at some point in their lives. Maybe you were heading to your car in the morning, and you found the tire deflated because a nail opened a whole on it. We never know when a situation like this is gonna happen, this is where the Air Hawk Compressor Review comes in rescue! The Air Hawk Compressor is an automatic portable inflator that can be of great help when this situation happens. 

It has a screen that tells you the pressure your tires have. The handy inflator also comes with adapters, so you can use it with other inflatable items as well. Sometimes when you are in long trip on the highway, there’s no gas stations nearby to check the air pressure on your tires. If for some reason you have a flat tire, you will have a hard time getting home. This really is one of the worst-case scenarios. 

But the Air Hawk tool can have your back even in these punishing situations. If you have this tool with a charged battery in your car during these shitty consequences, you can inflate the tire in a matter of minutes. This little wonder is portable and designed to get you out of trouble.

User-Friendly Design

This product is engineered in such a way so that any person can use it out of the box. It is surprisingly easy to learn how to use the Air Hawk. Plus, it has a drill design which makes the product look cool.

To use it, you just simply put the battery on it, choose the adapter you need, and adjust it to the rim or inflatable. With the trigger, you can turn it on or off, and this can be manual or automatic. You can also block the trigger for security measures.

Rechargeable Battery

You can charge the battery of the Air Hawk using the 12-volt connection your car has. It is that space on the car’s dashboard where you connect your phone chargers. Be warned, this method does not substitute the battery the Air Hawk has since it takes a long time to charge up completely.So, you should make sure the Air Hawk is charged up before you leave your house.

According to a review seen on YouTube, the battery may have enough energy to be able to inflate approximately two tires and one ball. It may inflate more objects, but this depends on how much air pressure is in all of these.

Portability Milestones

Now that we know we can get a portable and rugged compressor at the same time, we will not be afraid to go out. It is ideal when you go cycling in the mountains or going out with motorcycles.

In these rough terrains, tires will possibly deflate at some state. That’s why you should take an Air Hawk with you. You can carry it in a backpack since it is small and uses a portable battery. It is the best way to make sure you are always prepared.

There won’t be a problem since you can use the Air Hawk compressor anywhere at any given moment. This characteristic is one of the best thing about this product and the most special one. It allows you to carry it in the trunk of your car in case of unexpected yet common emergencies.

Digital LED Screen

An interesting thing about this product is that it includes a screen where it tells you the pressure your tire has at the moment. Then you can set the desired pressure and when the Air Hawk inflates the tire to that pressure it will automatically stop. You can also inflate or deflate manually since it has a trigger that lets you take control of the pressure.

Powerful Compressor

It is a fairly compact product, perfect for road trips. But small in size doesn’t necessarily mean weak. While inflating the tire, the compressor does a great amount of noise and releases loads of pressure.

With this compressor, you can inflate the tire while you can do other tasks. Its design allows it to stand still without someone having to be around it.

This revolutionary product is not like the traditional hand-held inflators that requires a lot of effort to reach the pressure. Plus, it isn’t annoying as the heavy compressors which cost a lot to move.

Different Adapters

Any sports ball can be inflated in a matter of seconds as it comes with an adapter for them. As fast as it inflates other inflatable items, the Air Hawk takes almost no time to fill the tire with air until it reaches the right pressure.

As you can inflate sports balls and tires, you can also fill inflatable beds with the exact amount of air, so it doesn’t pop when you hop on. You can take it on camping trips to inflate the beds since it is a portable product. Therefore, when you get to the place to camp, you can quickly inflate your bed to rest.

Emergency Flashlight

It also has a flashlight for those night emergencies. At night, you can still be aware of your surroundings while you be likely to the emergency. Luckily, the flashlight is kinda powerful one. This makes it a very well-equipped tool designed for any environment situation.

The Only Drawback

This The Audew Cordless Air Hawk Air Compressor is a solid product designed to withstand heavy blows, but it is not water resistant. Be very careful when you take it to places with water bottles, because you could ruin it if it gets wet.

There are certain precautions you have to take if you are planning to inflate pool toys. You can carry your Air Hawk in a backpack and inflate the toys away from the pool to avoid ruining it.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Does it runs on a nickel cadmium battery?

  • Nope, it uses lithium-ion rechargeable batteries instead.

Does it come with car adapters?

  • Yes, it surely does.

How long can the battery last on a full charge?

  • It depends how you go with it. It may last 30 minutes to a few hours at best.

The Audew Cordless Air Hawk Compressor Review in a Nutshell

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